Frequently Asked Questions

Information and frequently asked questions

1. Only fill the bin to the top of the rim. If at any time a delivery driver deems any bin unsafe to transport, that the driver will alter the load of the bin to make it safe to transport. This may involve the driver having to wipe off the top of the load
2. Once bins have been delivered please do not move the bin from where it has been set down, as this may cause problems upon pickup.
3. If you have ordered a bin for a clean load i.e. soil, green waste, concrete or bricks and that the bin has been found to be contaminated with undeclared items upon dumping, customers will be charged immediately for any overweight charges and costs incurred by Budget Mini Bins.
4. No liquids, asbestos or food scraps are to be put into the bin.
5. Tyres ($25), mattresses ($25) all attract a surcharge. Should any undeclared items be found on dumping customers will be charged for additional costs.

The following overweight limits and charges apply for General Waste

  • 2 cubic meter bin – 500kg
  • 4 cubic meter bin – 700kg
  • 6 cubic meter bin – 1000kg
  • 9 cubic meter bin – 1400kg

Should any bins exceed the weight limit a cost of $10 per 100kg over the set weight will apply. These limits only apply to mixed waste disposal. Should you have any queries in regards to this customer information sheet please feel free to contact us.

Many questions are asked of Budget Mini Bins for bin hire, we have listed many of the most frequented here with simple straight forward answers.

What can I put in the skip Bin?

General Waste: Household rubbish but no soil, bricks and concrete.
Green Waste: Grass cutting, brush clipping, pruning, garden waste.
Mixed Waste: Household waste, soil, bricks and concrete.

Is Budget Mini Bins an environmentally friendly skip bin provider?

With society moving towards a greener lifestyle, we are finding new ways to ensure we recycle a large percentage of the waste placed in the skip bins. Clean fill or hard fill waste are redirected to recycling facilities to be recycled into hard rubble for laying roads. Green waste skips are being redirected to landscaping facilities to be turned into mulch.


How do I order from Budget Mini Bins?

Budget Mini Bins takes pride in offering a personal service with the utmost of customer service levels. Our very easy online ordering page takes less than 5 minutes to complete, however if you would like to speak with one of our delivery service representatives, then please call us directly between Monday and Saturday. Contact details can be found on our Contact Page

Can I pay by credit card?

Budget Mini Bins accepts payment with all major credit cards, we also accept cash on delivery. If you prefer cash on delivery, complete the order form, and ensure someone will be home to pay for the delivery on the day. No payment, no bin.

How much notice is needed to hire a skip?

Budget Mini Bins guarantees a 24 hour delivery turnaround - order today and the skip can be delivered tomorrow.

How long can we keep the skip bin for?

The standard time of hire for your skip bin is 4 days. Budget Mini Bins understands that not all the time you are able to fill your bin in 4 days, so if you would like to extend this for a further day or 2, please contact us a day prior to collection and advise us. An extra charge of $15 per day will then be charged out. However as stated above, if you require your bin before miday, place your order the afternoon before by contacting us on the phone or send us a note in the contacts page.

Can I get the skip bin collected earlier?

Yes, call us a day before and we will book it in for collection.

Where will Budget Mini Bins place the skip bin?

We must place the bin on your property and not public land or land that does not belong to you. You may approach your council for approval to place it on council land but we must sight the approval before leaving the bin on public land. You will be responsible for insuring the public risk if you have your bin placed outside your property boundaries. Check with your Council for approval guidelines. To minimise any damage of the skip bin being placed on your driveway, please place some wooden battens down first. all damage above and below ground is at your expense.  All care but no liability is accepted in delivery and collection of the skip bin from any property. We cannot place skip bins under a carport, but we can often place it at the front of your carport or over to one side to leave room for your car.

How can I estimate what size skip bin is required?

To estimate the size of skip bin you need, work out your volume like this:

Length x Width x Height
= 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3m
= approx. 3.7m
Choose a 4 cubic metre bin

How do I work out a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.

What items are not allowed to be placed in our skip bins?

Liquid, food and hazardous wastes are not permitted to be placed in our skip bins.  Hazardous wastes include asbestos, poisons, paints, oils, gas bottles and toxic wastes.

To what level can I fill the skip bin?

Our skip bins can be filled up to the top rail, but there must not be any materials protruding over the top of the skip. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create Occupational Health and Safety concerns for Budget Mini Bins employees and the general public. We must comply with LTSA and OSH rules and regulations.

What happens if I overload the skip bin?

We can only remove skips that are filled level to the top of the bin with no materials protruding.  If the skip bin is overloaded, Budget Mini Bins will arrange for an additional bin to be delivered (at the customers cost) and the customer will be asked to unload the excess waste that is protruding.

Can I move the skip bin?

NO! Once placed the bin cannot be moved, if moved when it is empty once filled you will not be able to move it back and the truck may not be able to get to it to pick it up again.  Any damaged done to the bin or property will be paid for by the hirer.

Am I locked in to the confirmed delivery and collection dates?

We have a large range of skip bins so Budget Mini Bins have the flexibility to make last minute adjustments. Call us to amend any delivery or collection details.